DMR CPS Programmer by DL5MCC

DMR CPS Programmer by DL5MCC

What is CPSProgrammer?
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a digital voice (DV) modulation scheme, which becomes more and more popular in amateur radio (ham radio). To be able to use the radio transceivers, all frequencies (channels) used must be entered as a „memory channel“ into the so called codeplug (CP). There is a huge number of local radio repeaters, as well as analogue FM repeaters and simplex frequencies, which all have to be entered into the CP by typing it manually into a programming software (CPS). Only in Germany we currently have about 270 DMR repeater, which expand to about 600 channels (2 timeslots + many mixed mode FM) only for DMR.

Features and Limitations

CPSProgrammer is an automatic programming (programming robot) of the channel information of a CPS. CPSProgrammer reads all input-information from a CSV file.

CPSProgrammer is designed to interact with the existing vendor-provided CPS software. CPSProgrammer does not read or write codeplug-files (.rdt, .rcd, .rcdx).  The vendor's CPS software must be running for CPSProgrammer to update the codeplug that is open in vendor's CPS software (see picture above:  "Principle of the CPSProgrammer").

Currently supported CPS software.
  • CSI CS700 Radio Programming Software V1.25 (2015-06-04): CS700, CS701, Kirisun DR7100
  • CSI CS750 CPS HAM2000 R4.00.27: CS750, CS751, CS800, CS801
  • Tytera MD380 Radio Programming Software V1.29.0, V1.30.0: MD380, MD390
  • Typtera MD390 → edit [MD380] section in .ini file: WindowTitle=CPS MD-390. Then select MD380 as CPS
  • Retevis RT3 Radio Programming SW, V1.30.0
  • Hytera PD365 Hytera Customer Programming Software, V1.04.03.003.EM5: PD365, PD375

Documents: CS750 UHF Analog|Digital Portable Radio DMR

Documents: CS750 UHF Analog|Digital Portable Radio DMR
Connect Systems CS750 | CS700a | CS700 | CS701

See link ::
Index of /software/CS750_software

 CS700DataExporter.exe   22-Aug-2015 15:14   360k
[   ] CS750(1000)_Host_S1...> 09-Sep-2015 10:09   495k
[   ] CS750(2000)_Host_S1...> 25-Aug-2015 10:58   494k
[   ] CS750(2000)_Host_S1...> 09-Sep-2015 10:09   495k
[   ] CS750(2000)_Host_S1...> 17-Sep-2015 11:38   497k
[   ] CS750(2000)_Host_S1...> 23-Sep-2015 19:36   501k
[   ] CS750(2000CH)_Host_S..> 22-Aug-2015 15:15   494k
[   ] CS750_1000CH_Host_S1..> 14-Aug-2015 20:33   486k
[   ] CS750_Bootloader_D2...> 14-Aug-2015 20:34    24k
[   ] CS750_Series_Firmwar..> 22-Jan-2016 20:29   3.6M
[   ] CSI(HAM) CPS V3.03.2..> 14-Aug-2015 20:33   1.9M
[   ] CSI(HAM1000)CPS V3.0..> 22-Aug-2015 15:15   1.9M
[   ] CSI(HAM2000)CPS R4.0..> 22-Aug-2015 15:14   2.0M
[   ] CSI(HAM2000)CPS R4.0..> 25-Aug-2015 10:58   2.0M
[   ] CSI(HAM2000)CPS R4.0..> 17-Sep-2015 11:38   2.0M
[   ] FlashBurn 2.00_CSI.exe  14-Aug-2015 20:34   4.5M
[   ] Website_Update_750FP..> 11-Jan-2016 12:12   3.9M
[   ] Website_Update_750FP..> 18-Jan-2016 22:15   3.9M
[   ] Website_Update_750_0..> 11-Jan-2016 12:13   2.6M
[   ] Website_Update_750_0..> 18-Jan-2016 22:17   5.3M

Index of /software/CS750_documents

CS700 Service Manual..> 23-Sep-2015 21:51   2.5M
[   ] CS700_CE.pdf            21-Sep-2015 11:27   598k
[   ] CS700_FCC.pdf           21-Sep-2015 11:27   130k
[   ] CS700_IC.pdf            21-Sep-2015 11:28   1.0M
[   ] CS701_CE.pdf            21-Sep-2015 11:27   361k
[   ] CS701_FCC.pdf           21-Sep-2015 11:27   138k
[   ] CS701_IC.pdf            21-Sep-2015 11:27   500k
[   ] CS750 Programming an..> 17-Sep-2015 12:56   2.7M
[   ] CS750InstructionManu..> 09-Sep-2015 11:49   1.2M

CS750 Analog audio drop outs

CS750 Analog audio drop outs

I have a CS750 that was upgraded from a CS700.  Ever since it has been a CS750 now using the latest firmware there are random audio dropouts when monitoring an analog channel.  It sounds like there is a scan priority enabled but I have none of those items enabled and it will happen when parked on a channel with scan turned off.  It is random in timing also, it will receive well for a minute or two sometimes with no drop outs then it will start with the drop outs every 5-10 seconds.  Anyone else experiencing symptoms like this?

CS750 Front panel Programming

I have figured out how to build a channel in the radio via FPP, I read the radio and it does show up in the pick list of channels to assign to a zone. 

How do you assign, without a PC, the new channel to a zone so it can be used?

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exporting CS700 .rdt to Excel .csv files for Import to CS750

exporting CS700 .rdt to Excel .csv files for Import to CS750

June 5, 2015 Updates  

PC Program for CS750/CS751
Version 3.03.20

Extracts data from CS700 .rdt files and saves to Excel files.

I used this application and was able to import and use my old CS700 .rdt contact data and channel data into my CS750 radios.  However, it does not copy or set up any Zone Aliases or Scan Aliases (for lack of a better word ... files).   And, it is important to match Contact Names from DMR Services to the Zone Aliases.   What happened to the RX Group List? That seems to work within the Zone Aliases ?

I spent about 8 hours working to export the CS700 .rdt and then to import it into the CS750, and re-make all of the Zones, Scan Lists.  A lot of it works but there's a lot I have not tested yet.

What happens with Simplex 99 and All Call Contacts? It's there but I had previously left the All Call Contact list blank or empty, except that the CPS software inserts a default of one channel.  I deleted "Simplex 99" and kept All CALL  in the new CS750 Code Plug.

Any advice as to the last paragraph above?  .

Separately, I been listening and talking on the CS750 today.  Have noticed that after a few minutes, about 5 to 10 minutes, the CS750 stops receiving on whatever dmr repeater I'm talking on.  I have another CS750 cloned and it is/was also turned on ... but it continued to receive the other stations voice and signal just fine.  Does the transmitter get hot or what?  I'm not confusing this with a time out setting on the radio.  I did say that the "receive" on the CS750 stopped hearing the other station after talking 5 to 10 minutes because my other CS750 continued to her that station just fine.  Anyway it cleared after I turned it off and then on again.  

I will be watching for this to see if it occurs again and I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue and if yes then does it need to be addressed yet??

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CS750 Radio Monitor function to discover DMR CC # and Talk Groups

Monitor Function - Detailed Instructions Request

It would indeed be helpful if someone could please explain in detail setting up the CS750 Radio Monitor function to discover DMR CC # and Talk Groups(I realize this information is scattered around IMHO in parts in this group and the CSIdmr group.)

What is the minimum firmware version #, is this function available and what equivalent CPS version # is necessary to program. 
I am interested in using this monitor feature as a “discovery mode” for some local DMR systems in my area.

I am suggesting that detailed “how to” information either be placed into programming CPS help file
or more preferable for the whole group here,  A step by step “how to” document be posted to this group would be extremely appreciated. 

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Upgrading the CS750 firmware

Upgrading the CS750 firmware

This version fixed a problem in the CTCSS Generation in Wide Band Mode (25KHz)
Firmware Version 1.01.04

CS750 FPM/FPP Front Panel Programming

First look at the CS750 FPM/FPP Front Panel Programming Option in Version 1.00.44.

Please note that the Field Program Mode currently in the firmware is for testing purposes only. While certain features may work, others may not until it is officially released. It is not currently supported in CPS 3.03.28, but will be in the next CPS release. As Jerry mentioned elsewhere, this is the basic FPM and not the extended FPP version which is currently in the final stages of development.

Also note fonts are updated in Version 1.00.26 (Fonts)

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CS-750 UHF Radio DMR Database and import contacts

Can Someone tell me how to go to DMR Database and import contacts to my radio CS-750 Or upload a file that I can Import

Now that we have the vastly increased contacts space in our CS750s I have a question.  Is there any way to export the ENTIRE DMR-MARC user database into an excel file?  If anyone has any insight on an easy way to do this I would appreciate the help. 

Nothing easier than that!
Import into Excel works pretty good !

As to your question, you can go to Index of /DMR/Contacts

Summary of files containing DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country

The CS700 files are saved as .CSV for easy import using the G4EML Contact Manager The CS750 files are saved as .XLSX as required by the CPS software *The MD380 uses the same files as the CS700 This file is updated daily and can be downloaded from:

to get the ZIP file labeled ALL-DMR-Contacts.ZIP . Inside is a CS750 file broken down by state and area, as well as all the countries (and an entire US/ Canada) file. Here is the "unfortunately" part of the message- we are waiting for an update that will allow the software to import over 1000 contacts into your CPS CSI software to download to the radio. I assume you don't want to manually enter every contact, which is somewhere near 9000 contacts right now. The site is updating daily. The bottom line, you can probably import your home state, but the whole US is out of the question right now for importing until we get our software update, which we were told was happening very soon. It was not in the last update from 7-31.

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Are the Firmware Updates Cumulative

Are the Firmware Updates Cumulative For the CS 750?
Or can one wait for a while and skip firmware updates?
Or does each update build upon the previous one (including boot loader and flash-burn programs)?

The reason I am asking, My CS750 is working fine with Version 1.26 and CPS Version 3.03.20.
(For my needs I am Not interested in importing large number of contacts)
However, I would like to wait a few more weeks even a month or so until most of the glitches are worked out.

CS-750 Firmware reboot issue

I have had my CS-750 for a few weeks now, just noticed today that the radio is sometimes going through some random reboot process while just sitting there monitoring.  I heard some tones and looked up and the radio for some reason just rebooted itself.  Anyone else having this issue?

Sorry I forgot the firmware version in my original post.  Firmware 1.00,32, I updated to that a few weeks ago.  This issue just started at random today.

CS750 CS800 CPS software and Windows 10

CS750 CS800 CPS software and Windows 10

just wondering will cps be ok with windows 10 compatible ? It's coming soon not sure weather to jump to free upgrade though .

Works just fine!

Connect Systems Firmware upgrade instructions

Connect Systems Firmware upgrade instructions
Connect Systems steps to upgrade to newer versions of Firmware
firmware upgrade instructions For CS750 Steps

I have a CS 750 firmware S1.0026 Bootloader version D1.26 what are the steps to make upgrade to newer versions of Firmware listed On the CS Site. The Files with all thease different versions is confusing to me
I understand the most recent version that ends in .34 is not ready but how do I load Version .32 I have looked at conversations and have not found the answers on Connect Systems site

This file is on the CSI site.

See if this link gets you to it.

Files are located here (, 

instructions here (

CS750 has no roaming only motorola has roaming

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